Catálogo de proyectos


Picachos Dam, Sinaloa, Mex. Manufacture of branch for the pressure pipe.

Casting ladle

18 m3 Carbon steel casting ladle for the reception and handling of just-molted steel.

Flotation Column

Alabama USA Mine
Flotation column 5.50 m diameter X 14 m high manufactured in 4 screwable sections.

Turbine discharge pipe elbows

Hydroelectric Power Plant,
San Rafael, Nayarit.

Turbine discharge pipe elbows for a Hydropower plant, CFE 2014.

Radial floodgates

Amata Regulation Dam,
Sinaloa, México.

Manufacturing, installation and testing of radial gates for a lock aqueduct, 2005.

Roller gate

Picachos Dam, Sinaloa, Mexico
Three, wheeled watergate for river divertion tunnel.


Caborca, Sonora, 2011.
45-m. Diameter Thickeners for a gold and silver mine.


El Saucito mine, Zacatecas.
Trial fit. 18-mt diameter thickener. Peñoles-2010

Food industry

Jalisco, México 2015.
180 m3 capacity stainless steel product storage tank.

C.P. Latina

Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field.
Module 1 installation in the “separation island” no. 3 / CFE, 2005

Cerro Prieto Geothermal Power Plant

Cerro Prieto, Baja California, México.
Equipping of module 1 in the “separation island” No. 3/ CFE, 2005.

Geothermal Power Plant

C.G. Berlín, El Salvador.
Geothermal fluid separation station. CEL /1999

Hermetic Door

C.H. El Níspero, Honduras.
Hermetic gate with inspection opening. Reinforced for back pressure in a pressurized tunnel.

Atizcoa bridge

Guadalajara- Tepic Highway, 1994

Carbon steel pressure vessel

Thrimethylamine Storage tank 50 m3 capacity, 2016

El Marquez Bridge

Autopista Morelia- Lázaro Cárdenas
Metal structure for vehicular bridge. SCT 2002.


Mina el Saucito, Zacatecas
18m diameter thickener, 2010

Water-Steam separator

Steam separator with integrated water tank, 2016

Mina Peñasquito Zacatecas México

Flotation column installed on site.

John Zink Combustion Chamber

List for departure to the United States

 Torispherical head

in carbon steel with an approximate diameter of 2.10 meters and 5/8 thickness

Oxidador Térmico

Thermal oxidizer weighing 56 tons during shipment to Texas, United States

Tequila Industry Boiler

300, 400 and 500 HP smoke tube boilers

Suction Elbow

Manufacturing in plant

Columns for activated carbon

For gold recovery

Geothermal Power Plant

Planta Geotérmica Berlín
Assembly on site

Vapor Separator

in plant boarding

Forming press

Large cap forming press.

Torispherical cap brow

Condensate tank

Tanque de condensado de vapor 12,700 Lts

Oil Cooker Industry

4-meter diameter ASME stamped equipment with 7 Cooking trays -2008

Welding processes


Water Separator

Cerro Prieto BC
Vapor Water separation

Solid particles in liquid media Separator for thickeners

Dust Collector

For sandblast and paint chamber

San Pedro Dome

San Pedro dome geothermal water steam separator for Dragon Group in Nayarit

Flotation Column

Lower section of flotation column with pipes, valves and instruments presented pre-assembled in the workshop.

Storage tank

Jet fuel storage tank

Silos installed in plant

Dust collector installed in plant

Flute Geothermal Silencer

Stainless steel header pipe and branches for Geothermal rock mufflers.